Fundamental, search and applied research carried out at the Center corresponds to the LIST OF CRITICAL TECHNOLOGIES OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, approved by the President of the Russian Federation on March 30, 2002 in the following positions: cell biopolymers; gene diagnostics and gene therapy; bioengineering technologies; immunocorrection technology; chemical and biological synthesis of drugs and nutrients; protein preparations and composites with desired functional properties; transgenic forms of plants and animals; technologies for monitoring the natural-technological sphere; technologies for environmental rehabilitation from industrial impacts.

The main activities of the Center:

  • Fundamental research aimed at studying the pathogenesis and immunogenesis of bacterial infections; study of the structural and functional organization of pathogenicity factors in order to identify new molecular targets for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases; molecular typing of pathogenic bacteria;
  • Development and production of nutrient media for the cultivation of bacteria;
  • Creation of a new generation of therapeutic and prophylactic drugs against causative agents of infectious diseases of humans and animals using the results of fundamental research and methods of molecular biology and genetic engineering;
  • Development and improvement of laboratory and pilot-industrial technologies for obtaining vaccines, probiotics, sera, diagnosticums and other therapeutic and prophylactic drugs;
  • Creation of high production technologies and means of using ecological preparations for biological treatment of environmental objects, as well as for combating biological damage to engineering systems;
  • Development of microbiological plant protection products, technologies for their production and application schemes;
  • Development of the concept and methods of preclinical research of a new generation of biological products;
  • Development of the foundations of microbiological culture media for health care, agriculture and industrial biotechnology;
  • Development of devices and equipment for scientific research and control over the processes of biotechnological production.