Faculty of Biological Safety

Faculty of Biological Safety PuschGENI based FBIS SRCAMB established to give effect to the concept of integration of science and education in Russia, as well as joint training of specialists with higher education, research and teaching staff and professional development of the teaching staff.

Master training curriculum provides the fundamental knowledge needed to prepare highly qualified specialists in the field nanobiosafety.

Graduate school

Graduate school is a form of post-graduate training and the basic form of research training.

The purpose of graduate studies is to develop professional with skills for research and capable in science to formulate and solve scientific problems. At the postgraduate studies graduate student gets experience in the selection of the current scientific field study of the research topic, work with literature, organizing and conducting experiments, data acquisition and processing, a comparative analysis of the research results and their generalizations in the form of conclusions.

Postgraduate finishes writing the thesis and its defense.

Additional professional education

To ensure timely theoretical and practical training of professionals working with agents of dangerous infections in accordance with the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological rules (SP 1.3.1285-03) based FBIS SRCAMB conducted educational courses of specialization and improvement specialists bacteriological laboratories (bacteriology, epidemiology).

The educational activities are carried out in accordance with the Federal license number 1912 of October 4, 2011 to conduct educational activities.

Validity - indefinitely.

Organization and conduct of courses has been a specialized department of training and improvement specialists to work with pathogens dangerous infections.