• Pilot Industrial Production źNUTRIENT MEDIA╗

    SRCAMB has a pilot production źNUTRIENT MEDIA╗ manufacturing bacteriological nutrient media for clinical microbiology, sanitary research, control of therapeutic means and biotechnological purposes.
    SRCAMB has a great experience in developing laboratory, experimental and industrial productions of media, including those used for isolation and culture TB pathogen and causative agents accountable for especially dangerous and socially significant diseases, and for making clinical and sanitary microbiological tests.
    There are 100 items of nutrient media on the product list.
    20 nutrient media are protected with patents and 25 are certified and included into the Drug Register of the Russian Federation.
    Products of the SRCAMB are awarded with diplomas and medals of a series of Russian exhibitions. For preparing nutrient media, natural protein raw material is used. Nutrient media are controlled versus physicochemical and biological parameters. Quality of nutrient media is guaranteed and confirmed by long-time production traditions.

  • Laboratory Test Center

    On the basis of State Research Center for Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology a Laboratory Test Center (LTC) operates Its qualification and independence is confirmed with an appropriate Assessment Certificate.

    Laboratory Test Center
    #GSEN.RU.TZOA.474 of July 20, 2004
    State Register # ROSS RU.0001.514943 of July 20, 2004.
    Valid before July 20, 2009.

    Sophisticated equipment and highly qualified personnel make it possible to perform tests and research according to the declared assessment field.

  • Animal Facility

    State Research Center for Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology has several modern animal facilities to care of various laboratory animals in conventional conditions (mice, hamsters, Guinea pigs, rats and rabbits), as well as of birds. Available ventilated and non-ventilated micro-isolators (LabProducts Inc., USA) and biosafety cabinets allow experimentation with SPF rodents (specify pathogen free) for whose maintenance conventional granular feed and sterile paper litters are used.
    SRCAMB offers interested organizations to utilize these animal facilities on a contract basis for carrying out medical - and -biological research involving laboratory animals.